Are you ready to experience high-flying adventure?

For kids of all ages! Let it all hang out and enjoy the exciting, heart-in-your-throat experience of flying up in the air before your spectacular splash down. The WaterBlob™ is made with heavy-duty vinyl in an extremely durable process that is sure to handle any rough and tumble antics your kids can throw at it.

“The WaterBlob™ People” (Springfield Special Products), located in Springfield MO, are the industry leader in fun, safe waterfront inflatables and have been for over 25 years.

Ready, Set, Slide!

We would like to send out a great big “Thank You!” to our friends at Kanakuk Camp, who released an article explaining how to install your own waterslide. The slide they reference in the article is one of our own! Please feel free to view the article by following the link below! Full Article

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